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New Projects

What I've been up to

I’m currently a UX Research Intern at a started up called Curl IQ. It’s a black female owned business dedicated to helping women with curly hair via an AI system that identifies curl type from a picture and will curate custom hair care routines and advice. My role is to conduct approximately 40 user interviews over the next month in order to understand the needs of different users within the problem space and map out their common needs to create features for the Curl IQ app. This entails scheduling users to talk too, updating social media surveys we send out, transcribing and taking notes of the interviews and coding them as well. I also will occasionally edit prototypes as well as create social media posts to help build the brand’s following. It’s been such an exciting venture to be a part of creating a product with helpful applications from scratch.

On my own time I am attempting to create a prototype for my alma mater UC San Diego’s newspaper The Guardian. When I was a student, there was a big effort to create a new version of the paper’s website; However COVID-19 hit and the team was dispersed. I decided to pick up the project in my free time, so on weekends I am working on creating a modern and fun version that appeals to the more charismatic nature of a college paper.

I’m also reconsidering my plans for a Medium blog. I attempted to start one in January but like many New Year's resolutions I ran out of inspiration. Originally I planned to create a HCD focused blog but I am more than just a designer. I’m planning to cover all aspects of my life so I can keep writing and not lose sight of who I am and why I love to write.

That’s all for now but I’m sure I’ll find something new to try soon!