Team Lead: Stephen Macneil
Partners: Enrique Arcilla, Bryce Grubbs, Julie Fung, and Eric Richards,

Summary: Research with the UCSD Design Lab's Protolab surrounding the annual Design for San Diego (D4SD) Challenge
Team Lead: Me!

Partners: Irene Tang, Nia Page, Arnav Aggarwal, Cara Zhu, Seyoung Lim, and Carolina Vega

Summary: A class project for COGS 187A: Usability & Informational Architecture taught by Professor Mary Boyle. 

Summary: Miscellaneous projects I've been working on to keep busy and broaden my UX Research skills. 
Team Lead: Brittany Newton
Partners:  Allyson Llacuna, Katie Tang

Summary:  The Themed Entertainment Association (TEA@ UCSD) brought us together to compete in the Disney Imaginations challenge. 

Summary: Writing samples of my favorite articles I wrote for my college newspaper, The Guardian.